Past Forums – 2011


November, 2011

LISTEN: How Can Businesses Become Better Community Citizens? (MP3)
 November 17, 2011
Topic: ”How Can Businesses Become Better Community Citizens?”


  • “I had few expectations. It was very good to hear from these entrepreneurs.”
  • “It was wonderful to hear how to engage with businesses as a community member.”


October, 2011

Date: October 27, 2011 – Audio pending
Topic: ”Offenders: The Challenges of Reentry and Reintegration”


  • “Great insight from those with very valuable experience and knowledge from the front lines.”
  • “It clarified the landscape.”
  • “It was helpful to inspect the issues.”
  • “The October community forum on “The Challenges of Reentry and Reintegration” was very well received and packed with information, personal experiences and audience interaction.  The panel included Elise Flesher, PhD, who pointed to the history and themes of the reentry movement; Joy Eckstine, LCSW, offered an overview of our reentry project; Tim Schaaf  brought in the community needs for successful reentry from jail, specifically housing; and Jose Nieves shared his personal experience. Leslie Ogeda was our skillful moderator. For those of you unable  to join us, it was both a dynamic and wide ranging presentation. All of the panelists have been involved with the Community Reentry Council. We thank them for stepping forward and offering their expertise. Special thanks to Tania Leontov, FOCUS and Restoring the Soul Community Partnerships, for  bringing these forums to the community every month.”


September, 2011
LISTEN: The Community Foundation’s 2011 Trends Report (MP3)
 September 22, 2011
Topic: ”The Community Foundation’s 2011 Trends Report to the Community.”


  • “Morgan does an excellent job of bulking down the Trends Results and making them more understandable.”
  • “Concise, informative, accessible, and important community information .”
  • “Everything was very nice and well put together.”


August, 2011

LISTEN: New Paradigms in K-12 Education (MP3)
Date: August 25, 2011
Topic: “New Paradigms in k–12 Education in Boulder County?”


July, 2011

LISTEN: Does Our Community Benefit by Helping Marginalized People? (MP3)
Date: July 28, 2011
Topic: ”Does Our Community Benefit by Caring for its Marginalized People?”


June, 2011

LISTEN: Animals Serve in Our Community  (MP3)
Date: June 23, 2011
Topic: ”Animals Serve in our Community: Aid From Those Who Cannot Vote”


May, 2011

LISTEN: Faith Communities and Mental Illness  (MP3)
Date: May 12, 2011 (Note this is not our usual day of the month)
Topic: ”Compassion and Acceptance: Spirituality in Recovery from Mental Illness”


  • “Inspirational panel members.”
  • “I was expecting practical specific advice but found inspirational words which were practical in a different ways.”
  • “Essentiality of acceptance.”
  • “I was touched to hear the personal experience of people working with their own mental illness.”
  • “There was diversity of approach yet similarity of view.”


April, 2011

LISTEN: Helping Struggling Families  (MP3)
 April 28, 2011
Topic: “How does the Community Help Struggling Families Fulfill Basic Needs?: One in four families cant afford to live here”


  • “It is helpful to see the continum of care available for families.”
  • “Good news as a result of efficiency and long range improvement in outcomes.”
  • “Excellent.”
  • “Keep doing the great job you’re doing.”
  • “Fantastic speakers.”


March, 2011

LISTEN: Access to Aging Services  (MP3)
Date: March 24, 2011
Topic: Our Aging Community: Resources Galore! How to benefit and how to serve.


  • Peggy Arnold, M.A.  Program Coordinator, PrestigePLUS, a service of Longmont United Hospital will focus on ways that seniors can remain healthy and active.
  • Rosemary Williams, Certified Sage-ing Leader and Co-Founder of WisdomWork. Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi is the founder of the Spiritual Eldering Institute and a mentor to all members of the Sage-ing Guild.
  • John Torres, Executive Director of Golden West will speak on resources for seniors.
  • Terrie Ryan-Thomas, Manager, Adult Protective Services/Family and Children Services Intake Units.
  • Joan Raderman, Executive Director, Circle of Care, Elder Enrichment Program


  • “I have a better understanding of agencies’ services.”
  • “Great panelists presenting wonderful programs/resources.”
  • “Learned more about available service.”
  • “All panelists were helpful.”
  • “We are expanding our older adult ministry beyond a “care team”. This information was timely and helpful.”
  • “Many resource to access that we did not know about prior to attending.”

February, 2011

LISTEN: Agriculture  (MP3)
Date: February 24, 2011
Topic: Exploring a Locally-Based Food and Agricultural System: Advancing our County’s Economic, Environmental and Social Well-being.


  • Ramona Clark, Growing Garden
  • David Bell, Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department
  • Boulder County Cropland Policy Advisory Board
  • Brigitte Mars, Herbalist, Raw Food Chef, Author
  • Becky O’Brien, Boulder Hazon


  • Michael Moss, Transition Colorado


  • ”I’d like to bring some of this home, personally and then globally to my faith community.”
  • “Each presenter is so knowledgeable”
  • “They ( the presenters) are all excellent!”
  • “New information about locally grown food.”
  • “Great diverse panel.”

January, 2011

LISTEN: Health Care  (MP3)
Date: January 27, 2011
Topic: How Boulder County Addresses Healthcare Issues: From Public Programs to Congregations


  • Jennifer Dailey,Boulder Valley Care Network and HawkView Partners Co.
  • Dawn Joyce, Boulder County Housing & Human Services
  • Rev. Sally Bowersox, Saint Benedict Health and Healing Ministries
  • Pete Leibig, Clinica Family Health Services


  • Heath Harmon, Boulder County Public Health


  • “Very high caliber of speakers. Thank you!”
  • “Great panel with great info”
  • “Impressive about what we know are needs and how they are being addressed”
  • “Excellent panel with great info”