Past Forums – 2008

November 2008

LISTEN: The December Dilemma: Cultural Impact of the Christmas Holidays (MP3)

Date: Thursday, November 20, 2008

Topic: The December Dilemma: Cultural Impact of the Christmas Holidays

The season of the Christmas holidays is a time of emotional impact on our entire culture, regardless of people’s beliefs. It is a time when some people take joy in the religious significance and the beauty of the season; for children of different faiths it can be a time of confusion and a sense of exclusion; for isolated or grieving people, it can be a time of intense loneliness. A diverse panel of faith leaders and service providers will explore the issues.


Pastor Ramin Razavi, The New Collective Church
Mary Sweet, Shambhala Buddhist Community
Barbara Gould, Outreach Director, Congregation Har Hashem
Rev. Liz Simmons, Assistant Rector, St. Johns Episcopal Church


“It was good to hear the various religious perspective and share ideas on how to deepen the sipriitual meaning and lessen materialism.”

“The information was excellent and I was alerted to the need for more sensitivity to interfaith concerns in mixed families and communities.”

“I definitely heard new perspectives and views about how people navigate the xmas season. It was good to remember.”

“It was wonderful to hear the different perspectives and difficulties that come from each tradition.”


October 2008

LISTEN:  Faith / Politics / Action  (MP3)

Date: Thursday, October 23

Topic: Faith/Politics/Action: How do people with strong religious convictions integrate their faith and politics, then actively express their commitment?


Jeremy Shaver, Director of Outreach, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado
Joe PelleSheriff, Sheriffs Department Boulder County
Ibrahim Kazerooni, Imam
Stan Cowan, Executive Director, Congregation Har HaShem

Audience Comments:

“The topic was pertinent and timely for our congregation. We are currently dealing with an internal discussion of when can a church group speak on an issue publicly.”

“The Forum was excellent we received new information and adice on issues, i.e. advocates for Dafur genecide prevention.”

“I welcome these discussions as they open up more and shared possibility for dialogue.”

“I received new information, still thinking.”

“There were excellent points ade on the separation of church and state.”


September 2008

The Teen Culture of Violence
LISTEN: The Teen Culture of Violence – September 2008 (MP3)