Replicable Model

Restore as a repeatable model for facilitating and supporting faith and community partnerships through the medium of collaborations. Collaborations are formed around the provision of basic needs services supported by committed volunteers. Restoring the Soul did a repeatable model its monthly forum in Lyons. Read this article by the Lyons Recorder to read more about this successful repeatable model. Megan Quinn of the Daily Camera also covered an interesting story about interfaith based off of one of Restore’s monthly forums.

A. Fundamental requirements of environment in which to create a Restore

1. BASIS  a 100,000 – 200,000 person community.

2. A variety of faith communities, ecumenical or interfaith.

3. Core group of faith leaders, service agency leaders and community leaders who share the vision and are committed to extend effort.

4. Meeting room available for scheduled meetings at least. A shared or dedicated office space ideal.

5.  Minimal funding to cover copies, phone calls, etc.


B. Initial Activiities: formation of task force

1.  Survey of faith communities and their social engagement internal and external.

2. Survey of human service organizations: services provided and relationship with churches (used generically). Capacity for services, volunteer structure and support.

3. Broadcast invitations to both faith communities and service agencies to create a taskforce interested in this collaboration.

4. Engage a well-respected social leader to volunteer to head taskforce.

6. One on one invitations to key congregation and agency leaders to join the taskforce.

7. Engage local government persons in the taskforce.

8. Develop a funding plan and secure necessary funding for the initial stage.


C. Identify and substantiate appropriateness of this taskforce approach as pertinent to locale

1 .Identify advantages to this form of collaborative organization from surveys and interviews.

2. Getting faith leader buy in to creating taskforce requires personal connections to a core number of faith leaders. Use all aspects of connection to accomplish these.

3. Research local colleges and universities “service learning’ programs. Involved in taskforce.


D. Development of program to educate community on crucial local issues

1.  Survey existing community education events.

2. Develop a conference on service and spirituality.

3. Forums on critical local issues using local experts.

4. Cultivate local media.